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The *TiK* family just got a little bit bigger

Welcome *TiK* Lt. Major Blood!! Wear that tag with pride :)

|[KIA]|MUSTANG_ZULU a stop killing me blood... sheesh... see my name, run the other way FFS!!!!!!!!
*TiK* LT. Major Blood Thanks Guys. I won'l fail you. And no offence... but what's wrong about me Magic


*TiK* Beast a posted Dec 1, 13

Congratulations to the following people whom have received promotions.

*TiK* Fissure is now a Major

*TiK* !Rodeo! Crasher is now a Sergeant

*TiK* Sick is now a Server Admin

Keep doing what your doing fellas, and thank you for it. :)

»Gå« |AnaGenesis| § Congratulations!! ...
Survivor Gratz on promotion noobs! ...
SmartyPants Congratz guys!
We'd like to welcome Jumper to our *TiK* Family!!
SmartyPants Congratulations Jumper. See you around ...
Dragon Eye congratz
*TiK* !Rodeo! Crasher Congratz to both :-)
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*TiK* Jumper Cool ...
°Richard° Nice ...
Breeathe This is some critical gaming
Welcome to *TiK* Clan :)
Im Your Bitch Nice I wish to i was on Tik team
Breeathe Hi Rodeo Im new i would just like to Congratz on being a TiK member I look foward to seeing you in the Servers ...
=]BamK[= Hydro Congratz .......
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